The semiconductor industry in Taiwan has demonstrated astonishing growth during the past thirty years and become one of the major IC producers in the world. The Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) was founded in November 1996 to promote the cooperation and further development of Taiwan semiconductor industry.
TSIA has over 130 corporate and associate members, including companies engaged in semiconductor R & D, design, wafer manufacturing, packaging, testing, equipment and materials. TSIA aims to help the semiconductor industry in Taiwan remain on a competitive edge through various domestic and international activities, seminars, symposia, trainings, networking, etc. to strengthen business connection and broaden business scope for its member companies. TSIA also endeavors to build up constructive relationship between the local industry and corresponding international organizations, such as the World Semiconductor Council (WSC), International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS), JEDEC Solid State Technology Association(JEDEC) to help enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan semiconductor industry as a whole.

To Promote Cooperation Among Different Sectors in the Local Semiconductor Industry
To Participate in Global Standard Setting and Activities Related to the Development of the Semiconductor Industry
To Engage in International Negotiations on Behalf of the Local Industry
To Provide Consultation and Services for its Member Companies
To Create Better Communications Among its Member Companies and With Other Industry Associations
To Provide Suggestions to the Government on Industrial Policies

■Participating in international activities
Actively engaged in international organizations such as the World Semiconductor Council (WSC), International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS), JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, etc.; providing members with the latest global semiconductor- related regulations, technology trends and market forecasts; and cooperating with JEDEC and SEMI for the international standard related events.
■Organizing seminars, training courses, international conferences and meetings
Regularly organizing domestic and international seminars in the areas of technology, IC design, packaging, testing, market forecasting, ESH (Environment, Safety and Health), intellectual property and finance; training courses, international conferences, such as e- Manufacturing, ITRS Conference, JEDEC Summits and WSC/ JSTC meetings.
■ International negotiation
Devoted to international negotiations of interest to the semiconductor industry in Taiwan. The DRAM and SRAM anti- dumping cases from 1998 through 2000 are examples for this role.
■ Networking and local cooperation
Hosting networking activities to link the IC device makers with IC customers; and among IC design companies; working closely with associations representing different sectors of the local community, for example, Taipei Computer Association(TCA), Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufactures Association, (TEEMA), the Taiwan TFT- LCD Association (TTLA), etc., to better ensure extensive contacts among the semiconductor industry and other industries.
The Secretariat takes care of general administrative affairs within the Association and serves as the contact window for local and international organizations.